Creative Welly Episode #38 | Antonia Milkop & Dion Howard

Courageous conversations with bold humans (from the most creative little capital in the world).

Antonia Milkop, Director, Antonia Milkop Coaching & Facilitation

Antonia runs her own coaching and facilitation practice, with 20 years previous experience in roles throughout the public sector both in NZ and the UK (data, policy, strategy, service design, programme management and people management roles).

Antonia’s mission in life is being a catalyst to ignite potential in others so they can make more of a positive impact in the work they do, and use their strengths to do so. She is passionate about bringing about positive change in organisational cultures, supporting leaders and their teams to bring out the best in their people and produce great results in their work.

Dion Howard, Director / Registered Nurse

I am a Registered Nurse, with a speciality in adolescent mental health, and I have a photobooth business, which I have designed, developed and deployed. Between these two roles, I like to think that I work with people at the best and the hardest moments of their lives.

I have had a crazy amount of different jobs and adventures – sales and marketing fair trade coffee, massage therapist, wedding photographer, tour guide, fundraiser, film festival producer, educational film director, and ironically , at this point of time, among other tasks, an assessor for adult ADHD!

At the same time, my consistent, if not full time, place of contribution for the last 25 years has been in the public health system, with a strongly developed specialty in adolescent mental health. I have been privileged to acquire some wonderfully useful skills that have helped people on their way through very difficult times. I think I do somewhat consider my role as a ‘healer’, but that sounds rather grandiose. Mostly, it’s my privilege to be allowed into peoples lives while healing occurs.

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