Creative | adjective: imaginative / original people adding value to the world.

Welly | British informal : with dynamic energy and vigour.

We curate and collide intrepid talent from the coolest most creative little capital in the world (with a few out-of-city friends as well from time-to-time).

This is an independent project with a totally unique visual approach to engender intimacy between those participating and those who are watching.

Here’s how it’s filmed:

Conceived by DK of justadandak.com.

Produced by Jono Tucker of Empire Films.

*Hosted at FlashDog Studios, thanks David Hamilton.

Funded by:

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Membership
  3. Donations
  4. Affiliate links
  5. Paid participation spots
  6. Selling branded merchandise
  7. Selling tickets to live shows
  8. Our own time and money (independently produced and hosting paid for us).

*Previously hosted at Xequals offices for the first season, so thanks also to them.