Creative Welly Episode #15 | Queen Olivia & Pat Shepherd

Courageous conversations with bold humans (from the most creative little capital in the world).

Queen Olivia, Meta Drag Queen

Named one of New Zealand’s 10 most Iconic Drag Queens.

On Twitter simulating life on Space Station 1 in geosynchronous orbit about Wellington, NZ with their trusty pussy cat Cuddle Unit 5.

A regular at Rainbow Story Times. (also known as drag queen story time) in libraries across the Wellington region.

Featured in internationally renowned GayTM campaign for ANZ NZ, and modelled for Höpt Soda’s Nön Usual campaign, running nationwide, online, busses, and billboards.

Currently in collaboration modelling for Dave Roil of Hand Sewn Atelier, photo shoots for London Pacific Fashion week, and NZ photographers Tink Lockett, and Bern Stock.

Pat Shepherd – Chief Doer of Things at One Percent Collective

Pat Shepherd is a photographer, graphic designer and founder of NZ-based charity One Percent Collective. He loves making things better through creativity. He’s been doing that for years through his work with SpinningTop on the Thai/Burma border with refugee and migrant children and more recently through One Percent Collective and The Generosity Journal they produce.

One Percent Collective is a super simple concept. Over the past 8 years, almost 700 donors have collectively raised over $2 million dollars for Kiwi-based causes by giving just 1% of their income.

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