Creative Welly Episode #48 | Hannah Wignall & Craig Mildenhall

Courageous conversations with bold humans (from the most creative little capital in the world).

Hannah Wignall, Senior System Development Manager, Te Whatu Ora & Womens Development Officer, Seatoun A.F.C

I was born and raised in Manchester, moving to Aotearoa as a lively teenager. When I asked to describe myself at ten years old, I conjured up “sporty, annoying and hungry”. I’ve always been energetic and curious and my desire to understand and bring people together has put me in good stead as I move through the world.

I have a PGDip in Public Health and have worked in many parts of the health system, grappling with the challenge of providing equitable and effective healthcare for our communities. Over the last nine years I have delivered and supported TEDxWellington in various capacities and the continued exposure to unique and innovative ideas has been instrumental to my professional life.

The thing that excites me the most at the moment is football and creating a thriving women’s football community in Wellington.

Craig Mildenhall, Head of Digital at Kowtow Clothing

Craig is a proud Wellingtonian, brings over two decades of expertise in loyalty, retail, eCommerce, and digital marketing strategies. Having worked with renowned brands like Fly Buys, Adidas, and Icebreaker, he now serves as the Head of Digital at Kowtow Clothing, based in his hometown of Wellington.

With a profound understanding of the values instilled by sports, Craig constantly seeks to merge the worlds of business and sports. Immersed in the sports environment at adidas, he drew inspiration from the All Blacks, infusing his work with their winning mindset.

As a leader, Craig strives to cultivate a team environment that encourages courage, humility, and focus, propelling the team towards collective success.

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