Creative Welly Episode #18 | Anne-Marie Brook & Cody Ellingham

Courageous conversations with bold humans (from the most creative little capital in the world).

Anne-Marie Brook, Co-founder, Human Rights Measurement Initiative

Anne-Marie is an economist and social entrepreneur with a passion for helping to bring about systemic change. She is one of the founders of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI), a global data platform tracking the human rights performance of countries. Unabashedly working to change the world, the HRMI team want to make sure everyone can see the world through a human rights lens.

Anne-Marie has a Masters of Public Affairs from Princeton University, she is an Edmund Hillary Fellow, and was a 2020 finalist in New Zealand’s Women of Influence awards, in the Global category.

Cody Ellingham, Photographer

Cody Ellingham is a New Zealand photographic artist. Cody lived in Japan for six years and published two photobooks during his time abroad focusing on the story of the places we call home explored through wandering and nocturnal photography. His photography has been exhibited in Japan, South Korean, Taiwan, and New Zealand and has been featured in The Guardian, Wired, RNZ, The Dominion Post and CNN.

Cody has published two photobooks to date, Danchi Dreams (2018) and Bangkok Phosphors (2019) as well as publishing an ongoing journal of urban photography, Derive Wanderer.

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